Zone'in Training

About Us

Zone’in Training was developed by paediatric Occupational Therapist Cris Rowan who is committed to easing the job of learning for all children. After a decade working in schools, Cris observed many children reporting they often felt “dumb” when really they just didn’t understand how to learn. Cris has developed a unique series of workshops called The Foundation Series which are led by Occupational Therapists for parents and teachers. Cris has also developed the Zone’in,  Move’inUnplug’in and Live’in Educational Programs. These workshops and programs allow school and home communities to better understand sensory, motor and attachment development theories, and provide parents, teachers and kids with better ways to connect, learn and grow.

About Cris

Cris RowanCris Rowan is committed to easing the job of learning for children is a well-known speaker and author to teachers, parents and therapists throughout North America in the field of Sensory Integration, Learning, Attention, Fine Motor Skills and the impact of TV and videogames on children’s neurological development.Cris has a Bachelor of Science degrees in both Occupational Therapy and in Biology, and is a SIPT certified Pediatric Sensory Specialist. Over the past decade, Cris has provided over 250 Foundation Series Workshops, published the monthly Development Series Newsletter, created the Zone’in,  Move’in,  Unplug’in  and  Live’in Educational Programs for schools and homes, started Zone’in Training for registered Occupational Therapists, and created the Unplug – Don’t Drug policy initiative to US and Canadian physicians and health and education governments in July, 2008. Cris chairs the British Columbia Society of Occupational Therapy Pediatric and Sensory Integration Special Interest Groups, has written numerous articles for international journals, and is the author of A Cracked Foundation: The Damaging Effects of Technology on Child Development.