Zone'in Training

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Before applying, be sure that you meet the following requirements:

  • You are a Registered Occupational Therapist under a regulatory authority, and a member in good standing with your college.
  • You have at least five years combined experience working as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist in any of the following settings: children’s hospital, children’s private clinic, child development centre, school or pre-school.
  • You have experience presenting half to full day workshops to small and/or large groups.
  • It is preferred but not required that you have either Sensory Integration and Praxis Test Certification or NeuroDevelopmental Training Certification, and have published Sensory Integration articles or served on Sensory Integration committees.
  • You have attended or completed the webinar recordings for all six Foundation Series Workshops.

To apply, send Zone’in Training the following:

  • Zone’in Training Application
  • Resume
  • Photocopy (or scanned image) of College Registration Card.
  • Four references that have either sponsored or attended one of your workshops.
  • 15 minute video clip of professionally related content, demonstrating your presentation style and ability to answer questions.
  • Be sure to include ALL of the above information as incomplete applications will not be processed. Your application can be via email or snail mail.

Following receipt of your application:

Within two weeks of receipt, Zone’in Training will notify you with the status of your application. Accepted applicants may sign up for two day training session.


5-day Foundation Series Workshops and Level I Instructor Training includes:

  • Current statistical review of childhood and human developmental and attachment.
  • Current research regarding the impact of TV and videogames on human mental, physical and social well being.
  • Knowledge in the areas of sensory integration, inner drive, motor coordination (vestibular/proprioceptive), attachment development, addiction research, literacy and printing research and workplace productivity.
  • Proposed initiatives for parents, teachers, government, universities and workplaces to address TV and videogame addictions, and work toward increased health, well being and productivity in home and at office.
  • Presentation style development and useful instructor tips.
  • Review of Zone’in and Move’in Programs, Foundation Series Workshops and Zone’in Training protocols and procedures.