Zone'in Training

Instructor Reimbursement

The following summary sets out some preliminary information regarding Zone’in Instructor Training, Certification and Licensing.

What We Offer

A five day course provides you a jump drive containing extensive research articles, power point presentations for our six Foundation Series Workshops including all handouts, systems operation for workshop delivery, and presentation skills training. Upon completion and demonstration of adequate presentation ability, you will receive Zone’in Level I Instructor status. Cost of the five day course is $1,000.

Our Workshop Models

Following training and certification, instructors may provide both public (arranged by you) and private (arranged by a school district, child care centre, or other organization) Foundation Series Workshops. You book your own workshops as your schedule permits. Public workshop fees are $175 per participant, and private workshop fees are $950 per workshop or $1250 per day. As an Instructor of a public workshop, you will pay your own travel and venue. For private workshops, the organization booking you will pay for your travel and accommodation costs.

How You Are Paid

For private workshops, you will be responsible for providing your own quotes and invoicing for the private workshop organizers, with payment required one month in advance of workshop paid to yourself. You will then pay us 30% of the workshop fees, with payment will be made not more than 2 weeks after the workshop date. For public workshops, you will be responsible for booking venue and advertising the workshop, and again pay us 30% of the workshop fees you receive. If you choose to offer a free public workshop, for example to your school district, who might have paid your training certification fee, your workshop fees are nil and therefore we would not expect payment.

What You Get

Yearly workshop updates including new research articles, quarterly Skype meetings with Cris Rowan and other instructors, marketing for your workshops in the monthly Child Development Series Newsletter, referrals to you from general inquiries for workshops in your province or state, and after one year, opportunity to upgrade to Level II instructor status where you become qualified to train new Level I Instructors. Instructor training and certification will be limited to two Zone’in instructors per province or state.

What We Need From You

You will need to have your own laptop computer. You will submit to Zone’in Programs Inc. collated participant evaluation summaries for workshop modification and instructor feedback within one month following workshop delivery.


For your public workshops, we will process all participant registrations using our RegOnLine account, and reimburse you 70% of workshop fees on the date of your workshop.

We Help You Market

To help you sell the Workshops, we will advertise both private and public workshops in the Zone’in Development Series monthly newsletter using existing contacts in our Zone’in Database. For public workshops, you will have two additional marketing options:

Please contact Cris Rowan at 1-888-8zonein or for additional information.