Comments following 3 day Zone’in Training:

Would you recommend this workshop to others?

Of course I will! The fact that it is so research based really makes it stand out from other workshops. People will be amazed with the facts presented and should want to share the direction our families and schools are headed with this revealing information.
Kathleen Morris, Zone’in Training Level I Instructor

Comments from Foundation Series Workshop attendees:

  • So many useful approaches to a variety of issues I see everyday in my classroom!
  • You’ve opened my eyes to the importance of formal printing instruction.
  • Excellent/practical!
  • Great ideas to use. Great info on TVVG problem.
  • Thank you for the resource material! Will definitely check out the website for more!
  • I really enjoyed the presentation. As we went through, I was jotting down children I thought would fit. Lots to think about.
  • I learned a lot of “body” things I did not know were crucial to learning e.g. trunk strength.
  • Very knowledgable – appreciated advice on specific issues/clients.
  • Direct relevance to the concerns and questions about children’s fine motor and printing in today’s sedentary world. Parents need to know in a much stronger way what TVVG is doing to their child’s development, or lack thereof.
  • I have been teaching for 31 years in a grade 1 classroom and intuitively have been concentrating on printing, and you have confirmed for me the importance of this. Thank you. Too many of my colleagues “gloss over” printing and motor development. I did my Masters on Brain Gym and Reading, so I know how important body/brain development is!
  • One of the more useful workshops I’ve attended in a while.
  • Huge insight into how we currently (ignorantly) view children and their learning, how we need to teach not just the “Brain”, but also the “Body”. A change is most certainly needed.

Would you recommend this workshop to others?

  • You have shed light on some student learning needs many people are unaware of…and techniques to tackle them.
  • Found it information I could apply right away Monday morning.
  • Can use it “easily” and right away in the classroom.
  • Useful information, well-informed presenter (very knowledgeable), liked how videos reinforced what was taught.
  • Yes. It was very informative and gave me a better insight of things to try instead of “meds”!
  • Yes. I think it’s important to understand our students. Many kids get labeled as “behaviour when it could very well be a sensory or motor issue. They are very different problems to solve.
  • Yes. Very useful techniques and strategies for getting and maintaining attention.
  • Yes, “active” students are not necessarily behaviour problems. This workshop provided some practical ideas for dealing with my “active” group of boys. Thanks!
  • Definitely – good ideas. I like the game and zone-o-meter concepts.
  • Lots of useful ideas/information to hand onto parents and teachers.
  • Yes. Great ideas, good products/videos.
  • Yes – good review of basic info and helpful discussion of strategies and ways of discussing things with kids/teachers and parents.
  • Yes. A lot of practical information to use with clients.
  • Yes, It helped me re-frame my approach/way of thinking for problem-solving sensory-based interventions.
  • Yes. Website very practical. Good for OT’s working with large groups.