Balanced Technology Management Consultation Services

The ways in which we are raising and educating children with technology clearly are no longer sustainable. Managing balance between activities children need to grow and succeed with technology use, is both urgent and imperative. Formation of Balanced Technology Management Foundation Teams, and enactment of initiatives and partnerships will serve to optimize child physical, mental, social and cognitive development, ensuring sustainable futures for all children.



Health Providers



Technology Production

Balanced Technology Management Health Approved Status

Cris Rowan offers to partner with a variety of organizations in advancing development of the Balanced Technology Management Champion Status for staff or departments who meet designated criteria. This status would serve as endorsement notification to parents, teachers and health professionals that the service or product in question meets BTM criteria of enhancing, and not eroding, child physical, mental, social and cognitive health.

Cris still has a few openings available for consultation sessions in January...

Whether you are a parent, teacher, health professional, or in government, research or technology production, Cris Rowan can help you with applying Balanced Technology Management concepts. You can schedule your appointment directly through her online booking, or Email: info@zonein.ca.