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Cris Rowan of Zone'in Programs Inc., is an occupational therapist, passionate about changing the ways in which children learn and use technology, whose mission is to enhance the development of all children. Join her and help make her mission a success!


Many of you may share Cris's enthusiasm for optimizing child development, and balancing technology use, but do not know how you can help. We are seeking assistance in three areas: time, services and funds. Below are a few suggestions how you can help Cris continue to spread her important message.


We can help you - help us - help the children!




Spreading the message that technology overuse is harmful to our children's physical, mental, social and academic performance is time consuming and requires dedication and perseverance. Help us reach out to parents, teachers, health professionals, government, researchers and technology production corporations by connecting them to our website, Fact Sheet, Child Development Newsletter, articles, products, workshops, training and consultation services.




We need assistance with marketing, as well as public and media relations. If you or your company has experienced staff who can offer us their assistance, we would be most appreciative!




Following are some of the many projects Cris Rowan and Zone'in Programs Inc. are involved in, which require financial backing to get off the ground.

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Choose a specific initiative to support - or let us put it to use where it's needed most!


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Through unrestricted and uninformed use of technology, we are placing our children in the largest biological experiment ever. Balancing technology use with activities children need for growth and success, will ensure sustainable futures for all children. Rally the troops and come join our Balanced Technology Management Teams. The future is created by what we do today, not put off until tomorrow.