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Cris Rowan on Doc Zone Nov. 18, 2010 at 9pm PST!

Doc ZoneCris Rowan, pediatric occupational therapist and expert on the impact of technology on child development, will be featured on CBC TV documentary Doc Zone on Nov 18 at 9 PM PST. Episode is called "Are We Digital Dummies?". Currently under "Episode Features" you'll find Cris's article "Tips to Unplug Your Kids", and under "External Links" her website
Teachers Diagnosing Children - Legal liability implications

pill pushersFollowing a keynote presentation on the impact of technology on children, I was approached by a parent with an all too familiar story, one I have heard more times than I care to remember. Her son's teacher had reported her son had ADHD and required medication.

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Foundation Series Workshops in Vancouver, BC

Cris Rowan will be in Vancouver January 19, 20 and 21, 2011 presenting her Foundation Series WorkshopsClick here for the more information and to register.

Screen time linked to psychological problems in children

By University of Bristol, School for Policy Studies News on October 11, 2010

The PEACH project, a study of over a 1,000 children aged between ten and eleven, measured the time children spent in front of a screen as well as their psychological well being. In addition, an activity monitor recorded both children's sedentary time and moderate physical activity.  The results showed that more than two hours per day of both television viewing and recreational computer use were related to 60% higher psychological difficulty scores, regardless of how much time the children spent on physical activity.

College Students' Use of Electronic Communication with Parents: Links to Loneliness, Attachment, and Relationship Quality
Amy L. Gentzler, Ann M. Oberhauser, David Westerman, Danielle K. Nadorff for Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking.October 25, 2010
Students who report more frequent phone conversations with parents also report more satisfying, intimate, and supportive parental relationships, but those students who use a social-networking site to communicate with parents report higher levels of loneliness, anxious attachment, as well as conflict within the parental relationship.

University of Toronto study on motor impairment requests participants.

Noémi Cantin, an occupational therapist and graduate student in the Graduate Department of Rehabilitation Science at the University of Toronto is currently conducting a study exploring how children with motor difficulties learn to perform a new skill requiring eye-hand coordination. The study involves a comprehensive assessment of children's motor skills, visual perception, and intellectual abilities, free of charge. If you know of a child who would be willing to participate in this study, please contact Noémi Cantin at Noémi will be collecting data through October and November only.

Parents and Teachers Needed, Not Technology
By Paula Foot for The Citizen on October 27, 2010
Article following Cris Rowan's keynote address at an Early Intervention conference in Duncan, BC.

Screen time could harm kids, study finds

Reuters - Times Columnist on October 22, 2010.

Study finds children who use more than 1-2 hours per day of technology have a 60% increase in psychological disorders.

Exploration and Discovery 2010

By Christine Wood for the Coast Reporter on October 22, 2010.

Cris Rowan presents keynote at Early Intervention conference on the impact of technology on children.

Toddlers' Favorite Toy: The iPhone

By Hilary Stout for the New York Times on October 15, 2010

The iPhone has revolutionized telecommunications. It has also become the most effective tool in human history to mollify a fussy toddler, much to the delight of parents revelling in their newfound freedom to have a conversation in a restaurant or roam the supermarket aisles in peace. It's a phenomenon that is attracting the attention and concern of some childhood development specialists.

Video - EBChill's rap critique of ADHD diagnosis and drugs

Great lyrics and poignant message profiling the lack of evidence for ADHD being anything other than a body that simply needs to move.

Article - Sorting out Sensory Issues at School

By Lori Fankhanel and Betty Dean for Learning Disability Experience on Oct. 14, 2010

Video - OT's at U of A do a mob dance to celebrate OT week!

University of Alberta's OT's rock! Check out how they celebrate their new and awesome profession.

Video - SPD misdiagnosed as ADHD

ABC News film clip about a child misdiagnosed with ADHD who really had Sensory Processing Disorder.

Workshop - Parenting Tweens, Understanding tween brains and behaviour

Monday, November 22, 2010 ~ 7 - 9 pm

Brain development in tweens affects mood, behaviour, and decision making. Parents struggle to support their children through this transition and children often think their parents don't understand them. Learn more about brain development in tweens from Dr. Tracy Vaillancourt, Canada's Research Chair in Children's Mental Health and Violence Prevention at the University of Ottawa.

There's no fee to attend. Come in person to the Radisson Hotel Edmonton South or watch it live via the internet from home!

Handout - Do you know me? I'm a sensational kid!

This is an awesome graphic on children with Sensory Processing Disorder that was produced by, and can be used as a handout for parents, teachers and therapists.


The University of Bristol "Peach Project"

The PEACH (Personal and Environmental Associations with Children's Health) project investigates how the environment can influence how active you are and what you eat.
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