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January, 2008
Is Your Kid Making the Grade? 
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In today's world it's not OK for kids to fail.  While the merits of this educational philosophy are disputable, one of the results has been confusion regarding foundation skill ability.  For example, a child in grade 5 might perform spelling at a grade 3 level, and print at a grade 2 level.  As a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, I often see children as late as grade 6 or 7 who are still confusing the printing of their b's and d's.  These children also demonstrate trouble spelling, and avoid most subjects that require extensive handwriting e.g. English and Social Studies.  Steven Graham, Professor of Special Education and Literacy at Vanderbilt University recently completed a study...
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Check It Out!  The Foundation Scale 

The following Foundation Scale was compiled by Cris Rowan, Occupational Therapist from a review of Canadian curriculum guidelines, relevant research literature, as well as discussion with resource teachers and occupational therapists.  This approximate scale was designed as a guideline to assist parents and teachers in determining if their children are meeting grade level expectations, and should not be interpreted as accurate or predictive. These skills should be achieved by the end of the relevant grade. 
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