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I think the Zone'in program is wonderful as it helps students to learn to self-monitor. Once learned, it is a strategy they can take with them and use in any classroom even if their next classroom isn't using the program. That's the part I love the most!

Kelowna, BC


I can't tell you how you [Cris] have opened so many doors for my son in such a small amount of time! I have been trying so hard to find answers, to make sense of things for my son for almost two years, and you gave me more in 2 hours then any other professional that has been in Caleb's life! I look forward to helping the adults in Caleb's life, especially myself, learn more about how he experiences the world and what we can do to help him....thank-you again for caring so much about the kids!

-Kari Bepple, Parent
Kamloops, BC


The Zone'in and Move'in programs are great! They are cost effective as one kit will service a whole elementary school, save teacher's time as they are easy to administer, and they are fun for the kids! I like the fact that they are kid driven, which goes a long way in improving student's motivation to change behaviours and patterns.

Ray Clayton, Principal
Madeira Park Elementary



Zone'in      Move'in 
Putting the responsibility for learning back on children...
where it belongs.

Zone'inA Change
Move'inThe Solution


TUNE IN to CBC Radio on Monday, June 25
for a live interview with Cris Rowan!

On Monday, June 25, 2007 from 1-2pm, Cris Rowan will be interviewed by Mark Forsythe of BC Almanac in the studios of CBC Radio. Their discussion will center around TV/Video game use's impact on children's development, and discuss different strategies to help today's children. Listeners are encouraged to call in and ask Cris questions!

Listen to Cris's interview online at http://www.cbc.ca/listen/


CBC Interview with Pediatrician Dr. Jane Healy

Pediatrician Dr. Jane Healy interviewed Child Development Specialist Cris Rowan regarding her innovative new Zone'in programs for CBC's BC Almanac, which aired Tuesday, June 12 at 12:15pm with Mark Forsythe of the BC Almanac.

Listen to the complete CBC broadcast here.


Host a Workshop with Cris Rowan

Child Development Specialist, Cris Rowan

Zone'in - Sensory Integration Tools
and Techniques

Move'in - Fine Motor Assessment
and Intervention

Why not partner with a community
organization to promote healthy children?

Did you know? Kamloops, BC had 3 workshops this year? School District #73 now has Zone'in and Move'in in over 20 schools!

For complete information on hosting your own workshop, click here.


Defining Focus: Addressing the Complexity and Value of Attention, by Cris Rowan

Cris is in the process of completing her first book.
We'll keep you posted on it's expected date of release!

Children are the future of our planet. Through modern technology, we have unconsciously created a "virtual reality" for our children to call home, a reality devoid of connection and human interaction. TV's, videogames and computers are now the teachers of our children, not parents. The result has been an alarming increase in attachment and developmental disorders.


Huggy ChairYour Corner - Share ideas, learn, and try something new!

Check out "Your Corner" in the Resource Section of our website. Read shared ideas and techniques that others have tried with their children. Submit an idea of your own!

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