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Kids playing videogamesIs technology harming our children?
Ethan Ribalkin, Updated: Fri May. 30 2008 14:13:30

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Diagnose and Drug? Why not unplug your children this summer!

Boy playing videogameHurried parents, struggling teachers, and harassed physicians are apparently finding it just too much of a challenge to manage today's 'hyper' children, and as a result, are turning to diagnosis and medication as a 'quick fix' and the first line of treatment.  With all the research pointing to TV and videogames causing hyperactivity and attention problems, wouldn't the first line of treatment be a family 'Unplug Trial'?

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Kids spending more time in front of screens: report

May. 27 2008 11:27 AM ET News Staff

A new report card has given Canadian children a grade of D for spending too much time in front of screens and failing to meet the recommended guidelines for physical activity.

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Kids screen time 'alarming' says study

Canadian Press
POSTED AT 5:29 PM Tuesday, May 27

TORONTO - Kids are putting in so much screen time - on computers, watching television and playing video games - that a report card on physical activity levels among children and youth is taking direct aim at the situation.

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Math and The Flickering Screen
by Elsje de Boer, Lawyer and Foster Parent

I needed six bags of feed for my animals: laying pellets, hen scratch, dairy ration, rolled oats. At the time, they range in price from $7.90 to $8.10, so the total cost would be around $48.  Confidently the young clerk at the feed store told me: "That will be $26, please."  When I pointed out that this could not be correct, he protested that he had added it up on his calculator and calculators do not make mistakes. (Since I knew the owner, I sent a cheque for the correct amount.)

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