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We are pleased to welcome Kathleen Morris, MS, CCC/SLP as a new Instructor for our Foundation Series Workshops!  Kathleen is an amazing woman with an incredible background working with children!  Read more about Kathleen here.
The Dangers of Restraining Children with Technology and Drugs - What Lies Ahead is Not a Pretty Picture

Ever wonder why your children are hyperactive, anxious and have trouble sleeping at night? Did you ever consider that TV might be the problem?

The Flickering Screen
by Elsje de Boer, Lawyer and Foster Parent

"There is nothing wrong with eating macaroni and cheese or a burger and fries, either, but a steady diet of nothing but these is lacking in many of the essential nutrients we need to grow and stay healthy.  The same can be said for a steady diet of electronic games, tv programs and movies. They are entertaining and may even be educational, but a steady diet of nothing by this is lacking in experiences essential for optimal brain development."

Is Manual Handwriting Relevant in the 21st Century?
by Susan N. Schriber Orloff, OTR/L

It has been heard all to often, "He doesn't need to know how to write, he has a computer", "Doctor's have bad handwriting, and they are successful", "Just give him a laptop", and the phrases go on.

Just how important is handwriting in today's world?  What can be gained from learning to write legibly, and what is lost if we don't?  Compelling questions that deserve to be answered.

World Handwriting Contest

The World Handwriting Contest accepts entries from anyone aged 8 and over, from January 1 until June 30, each year.

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Cris Rowan

Cris Rowan is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, author, speaker and champion of easing the job of learning for all children.
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