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Technology and Human Evolution:
Are they Mutually Exclusive?

Over the course of the past 50,000 years, humans have managed to rise to the top of the food chain to dominate all other life forms on planet earth. Until quite recently (in the last 50 years), humans have successfully functioned as "pack" animals, with each member of the group serving a vital purpose and role. Darwin's "survival of the fittest" reigned true, as evolutionary stressors of disease, climate change, and predation made sure that only the strong survive.

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Developmental Screening
Screening Preschoolers for Developmental Delays
Carla Snuggs, April 28, 2009

Studies have shown that only 50% of developmental delays are detected prior to school entry [Journal of Family Practice, 2006]. "One of the problems with developmental screening is that there is no standardized assessment process, leaving each community, state or province to determine their own methods. Sweden is quite advanced, requiring monthly physician visits from 0-18 months," says Cris Rowan, pediatric occupational therapist, sensory specialist, and CEO of Zone'in Programs Inc. [Interview, April 2009].

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Watch the documentary (Runs 14:52) New research and pilot fitness programs in schools are showing positive results that exercise helps the human brain learn. Joan Leishman reports ...


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Cris Rowan
Cris Rowan is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, author, speaker and champion of easing the job of learning for all children.

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