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Brandon Crisp, a Barrie, Ontario teen has been missing since October 13, 2008 following a fight with his parents for taking away his Xbox 360.  Read more.

"This has become his identity, and I didn't realize how in-depth this was until I took his Xbox away.... That's like cutting his legs off," said Mr. Crisp.  Read more.

"If parents aren't connecting with their children at an early age, addiction can become a problem as kids reach adolescence", says Cris Rowan, a pediatric occupational therapist and sensory specialist in Sechelt, B.C.  Read more.
Zone'in offers to help

To help parents, teachers and therapists struggling with how to address child TV, videogame and internet addictions, Cris Rowan, pediatric occupational therapist offers the following:

Article - Ten steps to successfully unplug children from technology.  This article is a 'must read' for anyone who is working with children who over use technology.  Click here to learn more!

Workshops - Cris is coming to Toronto on December 5, 2008 to present the following two workshops for parents, health and education professionals:

A Cracked Foundation
How Virtual Parenting is Destroying our Children

Mixed Signals
Connecting to Technology is Disconnecting Child Development

These two half day workshops provide urgently needed research based information, tools and techniques to help disconnect children from technology.  A Cracked Foundation and Mixed Signals offer foundation knowledge to prepare schools to immediately implement technology reduction programs, and instructs families in numerous ways how to re-connect with their children.  Participants will learn about the impact of technology on child mental and physical development, family structure, and children's ability to learn. Videogame addictions, critical factors for child development, attachment theory, child diagnosis and medication mania, attention difficulties, sensory impairment and motor delays are but a few of the covered topics integral to working with 21st century 'techno' children.   Click here to learn more and register!

Tools and Techniques  - The TV and Videogame Reduction Module for Parents and Teachers was created for classroom or home implementation, and promotes child awareness, information and loads of tools and techniques to motivate children to reduce use of technology.  Contains Discussion Topics, the Addiction Questionnaire, the Survivor Unplugged Challenge, the Zone'in Fact Sheet, the Ten Steps to Successfully Unplug Your Child from Technology, the Zone'in TV and Videogame Schedule and loads of alternate activities to using TV and videogames.  Click here to purchase!

New Unplug'in game

Unplug'in addresses TV, videogame and internet addictions in children, helping them develop the necessary skills to unplug. Traveling through the Me, We, Earth and Spirit dimensions builds performance skills, empowering children to unplug.

brings imagination and creativity back into children's lives!

Click here to learn more and to place an order!
Additional resources

Listen to three leading researchers talk about the effects of technology on children.  Tune into a two hour teleconference by Alberta Centre for Child, Family and Community Development titled TV, Computers and Outdoor Play by going to

You might be interested in reading a testimony presented to US Senate by Dr. David Bickham, Research Scientist from Boston Children's Hospital, Centre on Media and Child Health reviewing the scientific evidence on violent video games and the concern that these games may contribute to children's violent thoughts and behaviors.  Read the testimony here.

Check out Centre on Media and Child for additional resources on technology addictions.
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Cris Rowan
Cris Rowan is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, author, speaker and champion of easing the job of learning for all children.

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