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Diminishing Returns
Increasing Profits in the Health and Education Sectors - Implementation of Technology Reduction Programs

With a probable recession on the horizon, health and education professionals may want to consider cost savings found in addressing technology addictions in children. Overuse of technology has been causally linked to physical, psychological and behavioral impairments in children, impacting on their occupational performance at home and school. Learning efficient and effective ways to reduce child technology use will go a long way toward achieving critical milestones for child development, ensuring optimal health and enhancing academic performance. This article will focus on the impact of technology on child health, learning and behavior. Estimated costs to the health and education sectors for treating child technology addictions will be covered. Suggestions for health and education sector reduction programs will be profiled.

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New Unplug'in game - what the teachers and OT's saying?

The Unplug'in game is designed to help children develop and enhance basic play skills, an essential first step toward unplugging from technology.  Below are preliminary comments received during initial Unplug'in prototype testing.
  • Love the discussion that comes out.
  • Enjoyed having to think about the questions for myself, and then hear others' responses.
  • Love the imagination required to complete the Journey Cards - and the fun/laughter they generate... another way to develop connection!
  • Good interactive fun!
  • Enjoyed the 'connection' with others and self reflection; incorporation of sensory activities.
  • The four parts - seeing beyond themselves (Gardner's Intrapersonal) is great!
  • Wonderful questions and activities. Great way for kids to explore lots of thoughts and ideas. Would be great if they got unplugged.
  • The fact that the game is played in small groups would enable kids who may not answer questions in large groups to feel comfortable enough to answer.
Unplug'in - Discover the art of play!

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Update on CFP article

Cris Rowan's commentary submission to Canadian Family Physician titled "Unplug - Don't Drug: An Alternative Approach to Child Behavior Disorder Assessment and Treatment" has passed preliminary editor revisions and is now at the peer review stage.

Host a Foundation Series Workshop

Zone'in Programs Inc. invites you to participate in a health and education professional development initiative by hosting a workshop in your area. Addressing delays in child development, the Foundation Series Workshops are presented by pediatric occupational therapist Cris Rowan.

Find out how you can become a workshop host by visiting our website at or calling 1-888-896-6346.

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Cris Rowan is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and champion of easing the job of learning for all children. Cris is author of the Unplug-Don't Drug policy initiative, has presented  over 200 workshops, and is a well known speaker at international conferences.

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