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Play'in The Lines Version 2.0 Released!

What is TVVG? Should I be worried?

To Chew... Or Not To Chew

Sensory Tips - The Vestibular System

Where in the world is Cris? Did you say Texas?!


Congratulations to our contest winner Linda Kimmel!


[The Zone'in] methods are fun and easy to implement throughout the school day. I see positive improvements in work production in the classrooms I am in.

-Diane Graham
OT, KidsCan Therapy Services, Kelowna, BC


Last call for May 12 workshop registrations!

Time is running out... Register for the May 12 workshop with Cris Rowan today!

Learn Sensory Integration Tools and Techniques in the morning, have a delicious lunch, then enjoy an afternoon learning about Fine Motor Development - Printing Assessment and Intervention!

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Play'in The Lines v2.0 Released!

Click here to try Play'in the LinesWe are pleased to announce the release of Play’in The Lines v2.0.

Released on April 03, 2007, the exciting updates include enhanced functionality and security. These new features were inspired by feedback you’ve given us over the last year (thank you!).

Play'in The Lines database users now have the ability to:

Access the Play’in the Lines database from your school or home computer!
Access Play’in the Lines from any computer, anywhere! This is great for those busy teachers who would prefer set up their database from home, after hours.

Database capabilities for OT’s on the move!
Play’in the Lines is now perfect for those itinerant OT’s that travel and require the database tracking capabilities of the school version!

Enhanced Security for your confidential data!
PTL databases are now assigned an “ID number” to be used in conjunction with an access code created by the user.


What is TVVG? Should I be worried?

Click here to watch this riveting video clip

While Zone’in helps children understand how to harness their energy, concerned parents and teachers may also choose to look at the effects of television and videogame (TVVG) use on their children’s ability to learn.

Technology has caused profound changes in children’s
development and their ability to learn.

Visit the TVVG section on our website for more information. Help parents and teachers “unplug” their children from television and videogames (TVVG), and get children on the road to a more healthy and happy lifestyle.


To Chew.. or Not to Chew

ChewingQuestions abound about chewing. Parents and teachers want to know why elementary children seem to chew everything in sight, from pencils and pen tops to shirt cuffs and paper.

Occupational Therapists want to know how long a child should chew, and what sort of device we should give them to chew on.

Dentists worry about the degree of clenching and grinding they see in today’s children, and the resulting wearing down of molars and increased muscle spasm.

So why do children chew? What we do know is that today’s children are moving and exercising less…way less, and their sedentary lifestyle is causing a multitude of problems. Could there be a connection between not moving and chewing?

Download the complete article "To Chew... Or Not To Chew" here.


Sensory Tips - The Vestibular System

“My daughter seems so clumsy, always falling down and bumping into things. She sits on my lap so hard, with so much force it sometimes hurts! She falls out of her chair, breaks things constantly, and holds her head in this rigid position, like it’s going to fall off her neck.”

When a child’s vestibular system is not developing properly or is not integrating with other sensory systems, such as vision, the child may feel uncomfortable or sick, anxious and even scared, resulting in behaviors that are often difficult for parents and teachers to understand.

Download the complete article "Sensory Tips - The Vestibular System " here.


Where in the world is Cris? Did you say Texas?!

Where in the world is Cris?What was Cris doing in Texas?
We are excited to announce that Cris completed her Sensory Processing Disorder Certification course on April 27, 2007. She is one of very few OT's in Canada with this certification.

Sat. May 12, 2007
09:00 - Zone'in and Move'in Workshops
Vancouver, BC

Tue. May 15, 2007
09:00 - Zone'in and Move'in Program Overview
Victoria, BC

Fri. May 18, 2007
09:00 - Zone'in Workshop
Celista, BC

Would you like to schedule a workshop with Occupational Therapist Cris Rowan?
Send an email to Amy at adickson@zonein.ca requesting details and available dates.


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